I’ve been writing print ads my entire career, from my first job at Panasonic right into 2015 – not to mention brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, trade show booths, operating manuals, you name it!

As you can see from these examples, I was doing B2B before the term even existed. The philosophy has always been that business buyers are consumers too, so I write B2B with the same edge and sense of fun I do for B2C. In this section, you can see a sampling of both.

Maine, The Way Life Should Be

Biddeford Savings-Mechanics Savings Poster

Clareon Business Week Ad

Delorme – Eartha Ad

International Paper

J Wentworth Furniture Direct Mail

Lighthouse Selection Brochure

Maxell Videotape

Norway Savings Bank Annual Report

Norway Savings Bank Asset Management Group

Norway Savings Bank College Planning Brochure

Norway Savings Bank Direct Mail

Old Town Canoe

Perkin-Elmer Super Minicomputers

Pionite Decorative Laminates

Park Danforth Tradeshow Banner

Powerpay Direct Tradeshow Banner

The First – Brand Poster